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Welcome[edit source]

Feel free to add any questions or comments on fan classes here. --Leord 16:09, 4 November 2009 (CET)

The Elimest. Fan Creation[edit source]

Background Diablo III Class [e]


Fan-made Class  

Role: Summoner Primary Attributes: {{{attrib}}} Class Skills Skills and Traits

Background Origin: Alternet world Affiliation: Lost Tribe of Elim Friends: None. Foes: Demons, Cultists, Humocili

Hailing from the anciant tombs, the Elimemists strive to preserve there knowladge of there home, and to destroy the Humocili they brought over. A hiden tribe from another world, there magiks and weapons are beyond the understanding of most. Many whom see there face swear that they are in leauge with Diablo himself. Many individuals hold the title of Elimist, but few are Ever able to pass the final test, Human Transmutation, To attempt and fail has claimed many a young Elimest trying to Jump ranks. The Elimist strive to return to there world, However when hell returned to Sanctuary they must pick up there arms once again and protect there new home. There Knowladge of weapons is only outmatched by there abilty to Transmutate, To alter the very substance to new material. As the Elimest strived to end the war they soon realized that this war was not good vs evil, but that both wished there will imposed on the population. Thus the Elimest Acended the High heavens and decended to the burning hells to finish this war once and for all.

"Equivilant Excange, For one to gain anything one must be willing to sacrifice something of equal value, In those days we believed that to be the one true law." -Edward Alphonse.

[edit] Male Eliemist Background Usally short they are spy and agile, Able to climb up walls that many find impassable. Many a Girl have found themselves attracted to there almost childlike looks.


-The female Elimist background has not been completed.

[edit] Class Design The Elimest is a student of Science, able to understand the very ecense of there world. Like the Barbarian, he is a impatient scholar, often expermenting on himself before safty says he should -he is learned but inexperienced, Often putting himself in danger he could otherwise avoid. Science, Not faith is what he believes in, However with the Advent to the demons and the undead he must again evaluate who he truely is. The Eliemist is mainly a Medium to long range warrior, with the ability to summon a wide variety of creatures, Ranging from the elimist whom failed there rites and the very Humocli they have destroyed. However, he is also Able to do magical damage himself using Elemental summoning spells. They can summon the very eccense of Ice, Thunder, Miasma, of Fire. Given such a wide variety, new players can handle the class with relative ease while more experienced players can focus on skills that complement each other for complex and interesting character builds. Along with a variety of sumoner builds, a player could choose to design a Archer build, a tank build for multiplayer, or a number of other possibilities.

Although the Elimist has some skills that require him to fight along with his summons, He typically tries to keep his enemies at a slight distance, Sniping them from a safe area. To this end, he possesses several spells that work to Slow and damage his enemys from a distance. [edit] Resource System

The Squared Circle.Given that the resource systems have yet to be finalized for canonical classes, the resource for the Alchemist cannot be determined at this time; however, it will no longer be mana. The general idea is to base it on the steps of the Great Work of alchemy, although it is not yet known how this will be done. More needs to be understood about the canonical resources in order to design an appropriate, unique system that encourages gameplay befitting an alchemist. The way of the Great Work can be seen in the symbol of the Orue Agea to the right, called the "Squared Circle".

[edit] Skills & Traits Main article:Elimist Skills

Brief descriptions of each skill appear below.

[edit] Tier 1 Skills Sandriver: No damage.By altering the structer of the ground he can turn the ground into soft sand, slowing down those that give chase.

Glutony: Sumoning. By Summoning the eccence of Glutony and monster is born that will live on the dead. As the corpses are devoured its health slowly rises. If unable to feed it slowly dies.

Miasma: Poision damage. The Elimist Alters the chemicals in his weapon to poision everyone that he Hits, This poision has a added effect of slowing the enemy.

[edit] Tier 2 Skills Black Powder: Fire and Physical damage. The Elimist use of Blackpowder greatly increases his weapons damage, take a slight hit in his health. Able to peirce multiple enemys at once..

Lost Steel Soul: Summoning. The Elimist that fails to pass Human transutation is not lost forever, His soul can be bound to weapons, Armor, or even corpses to temporarly bring back those poor dead. While appearing to be but a shadow he is a powerful freind who is able to do tons of damage before returning to the other side.

Transmutate.: A fun and practical little spell, a Elimest is able to turn lead into gold, or Armor into cash, While never 100% of what you would get at the shop, It really saves room on long quest.

All I got so far.