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Players can add to their Balance with credit cards or other online payment methods, depending on the region. The main purpose of such a balance is to buy items in the Diablo III [[Real Money Auction House]]. In some regions players will be able to pay for items directly with their credit cards or PayPal, without having to first transfer the money into their Balance.
You can never directly withdraw money, though. All sales send the funds into your Balance, which you can then withdraw from, in most, but not all, regions. Cashing out is not an option in all regions; some countries have laws regulating this (as the saga of the Korean Game Rating Board demonstrated<ref>[ Approved in Korea]- Gameranx, 13/1/2012</ref>).
In areas that allow cashing out, players can use PayPal to withdraw funds from their account, though PayPal charges their usual money transfer fee for this service. In regions that do not allow the cash out, players can only spend their Balance on other products from the Blizzard online store. The balance is non-transferable in all areas, and Blizzard may delete your balance if an account has not been accessed in over three years.  Tax dues on money withdrawn is a matter for the player to settle as clarified by Blizzard when asked by @Ryallcowling "do I need to pay any tax on my monthly paypal earnings from the sale of in game items? Any other options than paypal?<ref>[ Taxable Income] - Blizzard Tweet, 6/2/2012</ref> <blue>...that's between you and the IRS? PayPal is what we're focusing on for NA and some other regions.</blue>
See the [[ Balance FAQ]] for more details. Many specifics have not yet been revealed, and with terms varying so much in different regions, it will be essential to check Blizzard's info for your country, once that information is finalized.