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The Balance, AKA [[Bobby Bucks]], was revealed in December 2011<ref name=balancerevealed>[ Balance Revealed]- Blizzard, 9/12/2011</ref>, and then implemented on February 6, 2012<ref>[ Balance Goes Live]- Blizzard, 6/2/2012</ref>. This is Blizzard's term for the real currency balance tied to your [[]] account. This money is used for purchasing items via the Diablo III [[Real Money Auction House]], and can also be spent on other products from the Blizzard Store, including games, [[merchandise]], and [[World of Warcraft]] fees.
The introduction of real money currency trading in Diablo III was a very contentious issue. While this article covers only the Balance, you can find full details about the controversy in the [[Real Money Trading]] article.
==Official Announcement==
Blizzard revealed this term and much of the explanation behind it in mid-December, 2011.[http:<ref name=balancerevealed//]>
<blue>Soon, we’ll be introducing a new feature called Balance that will give players an alternate way to purchase Blizzard products and services directly through their account. Players will be able to “charge up” their Balance using a variety of payment methods, and then use their Balance to buy services like World of Warcraft character transfers, digital products like pets and mounts, and more. Players will also be able to use their Account Balance to buy items and store their earnings from Diablo III’s currency-based auction house once the game is released.
See the [[ Balance FAQ]] for more details. Many specifics have not yet been revealed, and with terms varying so much in different regions, it will be essential to check Blizzard's info for your country, once that information is finalized.
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