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A quote from an interview with [] com from Gamescom 2010 confirms that the bonuses are not random:<ref>[ Gamescom Interview] - August, 2010</ref> 
<blue>"There’s a fixed number of added bonuses. Enchants work like Gems. We wanted the enchant to do what it does each time, rather than force players to use the enchant over and over again (on the same item).</blue>
More information on Enchanting was revealed by Jay Wilson in an interview at Blizzcon 2010. <ref> [ Wilson Interview], 21/11/2010</ref> 
<blue>We do have class-based items for that. We’re also doing a lot with enchantments, because enchantments don’t feel bad if you find an enchantment that’s not for you, the way an item is.</blue>
So will the Mystic know some enchantments to start with, and learn others from found enchantment scrolls?
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