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{{Archived|January 2012|Mystic Removed from the game. See [[Artisans]].}}
The [[Mystic]] can enchant [[items]], improving or modifying their stats in some unknown fashion. The Diablo 3 team hasn't given any specifics about what enchanting actually does, but they've said that players will probably want to enchant every item they can, so it's evidently a highly desirable bonus.
From the way Jay describes "finding enchantments" it makes them sound like [[recipes]]. Recipes are what the [[Artisan]]s use to [[craft]] new, semi-random items in Diablo III's form of [[gambling]]. Artisans know some recipes to start with, and acquire more through their level up [[training]]. But the best recipes in the game are found as drops from monsters. These recipe scrolls are then given to the appropriate Artisan, and from then on that Artisan can craft that item.
So will the Mystic know some enchantments to start with, and learn others from found enchantment scrolls?     [[category:artisans]][[category:mystic]]  {{Template:Items navbox}}