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Goatman Shamans are caster type Goatmen (Kahzra). We don't know their abilities yet. General Goatman information can be found on the Goatman article.

Goatman Shamans are Beasts.

The only named type of Goatman Shaman we've seen thus far are Moon Clan Shaman, but it's all but certain there will be a variety of different goat clans in Diablo III, as there were in the earlier games in the series.

Though goatmen were a popular monster in Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, the Goatman Shaman is a new unit, and nothing is yet known about its abilities. Presumably it will be able to buff goatmen in various ways, and perhaps heal or even resurrect them as well. It is known that the shaman have intelligent AI; one in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie runs when its herd is wiped out by a Witch Doctor's Wall of Zombies, finds a new pack of goatmen, and takes up a position behind them.

There is a very interesting sequence seen in the gameplay movie when a goatman shaman unleashes a trap in what looks like a scripted event. The shaman runs near a goatman camp, and then becomes briefly unhittable; both the Witch Doctor and the Barbarian in the game swing right through him twice. The shaman then casts a very short range type of nova spell that freezes both the characters for a considerable amount of time. While they remain immobilized, a vast herd of goats comes rushing into sight, up from behind the goatcamp.

As the gameplay's narrator says, it's a nasty trap. We're not permitted to see just how nasty though, since another Barbarian and Witch Doctor join in just at that moment, and take on the new herd of goats while the first two characters slowly thaw out.

Spells and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Very little is yet known. It's very possible that the Goatman Shaman will be able to use a magical attack, heal or resurrect. Current known spells are:

  • Frost Nova (*)
    Real name is unknown, and exact damage/functionality is also unknown. The Goatman Shaman of the WWI 2008 gameplay video uses a short range "nova-like" spell that freezes a Barbarian and Witch Doctor player to the ground for several seconds. They eventually thaw out of it.

Known Khazra Clans[edit | edit source]

  • Moon Clan
  • Night Clan (unconfirmed in D3)
  • Blood Clan (unconfirmed in D3)
  • Death Clan (unconfirmed in D3)
  • Hell Clan (unconfirmed in D3)

Related Monsters[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Goatman Shaman share the background story of the other Goatmen.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Long ago, five clans of the umbaru tribe left the Teganze and ventured north. After their transformation into khazra, only a few elders were still able to use magic and they passed it down to their cleverest children. These are the khazra shaman and they rank among the most dangerous of their race.

Abd al-Hazir

Media[edit | edit source]

You can find pictures in the Diablo 3 screenshot and picture gallery:

A goatman shaman and two goatman warriors stand guard in a goatcamp.