Grandmaster Ailettes

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Shoulders 102 demonhunter male.png Grandmaster Ailettes

Rare Shoulders
(Level 33)

? salvage
Value: ? Gold s.png

79-84 Armor

Bullet.gif +6 Random Properties

Durability: 45-55


Crafted By Blacksmith
Level 5

Crafting tier 02a.pngx52 Crafting tier 02b.pngx31 Crafting tier 02c.pngx17

Cost: 26,250 Gold s.png
Taught By: Plan: Grandmaster Ailettes

Taught By
Blacksmith Plans.png

Plan: Grandmaster Ailettes
Rare Blacksmith Plan

Teaches the Blacksmith how to forge a Grandmaster Ailettes, Shoulder armor with 6 properties.

Barbarian Demon Hunter Monk Witch Doctor Wizard

Shoulders 102 barbarian male.png

Shoulders 102 demonhunter male.png

Shoulders 102 monk male.png

Shoulders 102 witchdoctor male.png

Shoulders 102 wizard male.png