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The Fallen Queen is a speculated monster type; not one yet confirmed by Blizzard. The D3 Team has strongly hinted that there are more types of Fallen yet to be revealed, and some sort of giant, insect-like spawning unit, perhaps called a Queen or a Mother, seems a safe bet.

The silhouettes of six types of Fallen were shown during a panel discussion at BlizzCon 2009; the five known types and one huge, blobby giant, which most fans immediately assumed would be a spawning unit. Despite this teaser, there are no other types of Fallen found in Diablo III, and no Fallen match the silhouette figure, though the Goatman Occultist mage seen in Acts 3 and 4 does seem a pretty good fit for the outline.

The Fallen Queens have not been seen on Sanctuary in the last few decades, and the documented knowledge of their existence before this is sketchy at best. Keeping to the fiery pits of Hell, they have been producing their horrible offspring in peace - procreation being on of the favourite pastimes for Fallen besides ripping things apart.

With an ever escalating demonic battle, the procreative Fallen Queens can now be found on the mortal plane, supplying the demonic ranks with more nasty little buggers.

A Fallen Spawner?[edit | edit source]

The Fallen Queen has not been confirmed, but the evidence for its existence is strong. Two other types of Fallen are hinted in the writings of Abd al-Hazir, but he is not giving further details:

Abd: I suspect the existence of at least two other types of fallen, but I will need to conduct further research before I reveal my theories as to the ultimate familial structure of these fiends.

Also, during the Monster and Art Panel at BlizzCon 2009, one of the Blizzard developers said this about the Fallen:

Are there going to be some more Fallen? I'm inclined to say probably. We can't really confirm anything yet.

Blizzcon Panel Images[edit | edit source]

No single shots of the Fallen Queen have been released, but two images clearly showing such a creature have been seen during Blizzcon panels.

The concept art below on the left came from the Denizens of Diablo panel at the 2008 World Wide Invitational event where Diablo III was debuted. It wasn't clear what that picture was at the time; just a huge red demoness thing, and it's not confirmed that that artwork is the Fallen Queen, but in retrospect it certainly looks the part.

The more unambiguous image is the silhouette of the various types of Fallen, seen below on the right. It's from the Monster and Art Panel at BlizzCon 2009. The name wasn't given, but it's hard to view that huge, bloated, insect-like blob and not think of it like a termite queen. The other five known types of Fallen are there around her: the Imp, Hound, Shaman, Overseer, and Lunatic are all very clear from their silhouettes, which was the whole point of that display.

No one from Blizzard has ever spoken of a "Fallen Queen" but the question of where all these male warriors come from has often been asked by fans, without any adequate answer being provided. A huge, egg-laying queen of some sort seems a viable answer.

Fallen Queen?
Fallen silhouettes.

Known Fallen Types[edit | edit source]

Fallen were officially confirmed in May 2009, when Blizzard debuted their bestiary page. It contained information on the various types of Fallen found in Diablo III, along with screenshots and some concept art. The following pages offer details on the individual types of fallen.

Four of these types; all but the Lunatic, were seen in action during the Blizzcon 2009 demo, and they are all encountered in the final game by Act Two. No additional types are seen in Diablo III though, so the teases about two more types, or the Fallen Queen, must wait for the expansion(s).

Media[edit | edit source]

There are numerous screenshots and artworks of Fallen in the Image Gallery, though none yet show the Fallen Queen.

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