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Categorisation of people[edit]

If we are adding more people to this section, we might want to revisit the entire categorisation of it. Basically, perhaps we should make a [Blizzard people] category, and put them in there (as well as other categories), and let the [Blizzard people] be in [People]?

Also, we might want to put Fan artists and other sorts of prominent community figures in separate categories. How far, I don't know, but separating them a bit. Like:

  • [People]
    • [Blizzard people]
      • [D2 Team]
      • [D3 Team]
    • [Community personalities]
      • [Fan artists]
      • [Fanfiction writers]


Any ideas, suggestions? --Leord 12:25, 9 June 2009 (CEST)

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