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Alkaizer was the name of a Barbarian. He was the first character to reach Paragon level 100,[1] and the player behind the character became famous for that via his live stream.

The Alkaizer Run[edit | edit source]

The name lives on primarily since his favorite farming/experience run was a series of Act Three areas that became known as the Alkaizer run. Alkaizer's usual pattern went as follows:

  1. Start game on Act Three, on the last quest: Heart of Sin : Kill Azmodan
  2. Appear at the end of the The Core of Arreat, clear level.
  3. Waypoint to Tower of the Damned Level 1, clear level in a circle returning to the waypoint.
  4. Waypoint to Arreat Crater Level 2, clear level, portal back to town.
  5. Waypoint to The Bridge of Korsikk. Clear the Fields of Slaughter level in a circle, returning to the waypoint.
  6. Waypoint to The Keep Depths Level 1, take stairs to The Keep Depths Level 2, clear level and exit game.
  7. Create new game, repeat.

This is one of the most efficient (fast) ways to kill a lot of monsters and gain experience, and remains popular for that reason. Many players deviate slightly from these levels, adding others or changing the order in which they are cleared. See the Alkaizer Run article for more details.