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Ranged weapons are weapons that can be used at a distance, hitting enemies out of hand-to-hand combat range. Some of these types of weapons, such as javelins, throwing knives, and throwing axes, could be used for melee combat as well, in Diablo II.

Though bows and crossbows of all types are found in Diablo III, no throwing weapons have yet been seen, and it's presumed they will be saved for introduction in one of the expansion packs.

Known Ranged Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

The following weapon types have been confirmed as returning in Diablo III. These weapons were seen in gameplay movies, during play demos at Blizzcon, or were mentioned by Blizzard employees. [1]

  • Bows -- Many types seen in Blizzcon 2010 demo.
  • Crossbows -- Many types seen in Blizzcon 2010 demo.
  • Throwing Weapons -- Not yet confirmed in Diablo III. If they don't make it into the game, their odds or appearing in an expansion seem fairly strong.