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Wynton Courtyard appears in Westmarch Commons in Act V.

Map of the Courtyard (v2.0.5)
The last room (v2.0.5)

Access to Levels[edit]

Events in Wynton Courtyard[edit]

Common Monsters found in Wynton Courtyard[edit]

Special Monsters found in Wynton Courtyard[edit]

Dialogs in Wynton Courtyard[edit]


Nephalem: "This is not the reapers' work. Who did this?"
Nephalem: "More dead."

When entering the last room
Gorrel: "Death to the nobles!"
Nephalem: "What is going on here?"
Gorrel: "Revolution! It's time for our oppressors to fall. The king is in the city, but we have a trap waiting for him."
Nephalem: "You plot and scheme at a time like this?"
Gorrel: "What? You're not with us? Then die with our enemies!"

Lore Entries Found in Wynton Courtyard[edit]

Associated Achievements[edit]

Wynton Courtyard is somehow associated with the Long Live the King and People Finder Achievements.


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