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Trag'Oul[edit source]

WoW, massively nice update on the Trag'Oul article! I am in awe! =D Really cool! I guess you love the Diablo lore as much as me then? Is this your first edit in a wiki? (check Help:Talk if unsure how to use a talk page) --Leord 18:21, 19 December 2008 (CET)

WoW, thanks! What a compliment! I do love lore. I love reading about, learning of and discussing lore but most of all I love writing about it...(practically all my forum posts are in the lore category :) It was my first post in a wiki and to be honest it was a little intimidating. But I enjoyed the flavour and will probably be back for more :) I have a Nephalem piece just itching to get set loose on the Diii community...Thanks again for the compliment and good luck with your articles!--ZSiegfried 19 December 2008
Great! That would be awesome! I have unfortunately not read the books, just synopsi of it, so I can't write it myself, and it's such an essential part of Diablo lore. If you have the time, perhaps you could help me expand on the Sin War Trilogy as well at a later date.. Well, Nephalem would be better for now ofc. I'm really glad I found another lore enthusiast on the boards! =D I have also planned to expand on the mage-clans such as the Vizjerei and important characters such as Horazon etc. A lot of this can be tied back to the Wizard backstory as well.
Oh, I'm excited! =D Tell me if there is anything I can do for you, like a navigation system (as found on the classes), or an infobox (as found on the Goatman).
How did you find DiabloWiki btw? --Leord 11:04, 22 December 2008 (CET)
Well I would definitely want to be part of the Sin War wiki. I just need to find out where you are headed and how deep do you want to go, as in roughly how many words per book etc. Probably in depth character summary... Sorry for taking so long to reply, holidays... what more can I say :) I am glad you are exited! The feeling is mutual! Great work on the wiki so far by the way.
I found out about the wiki on Diii, I hang out there way too often :) --ZSiegfried 28 December 2008
Awesome! Well, for the articles on the actual books, it would be good with a brief syopsis. Unsure on how many words, but about one or two browser scrolls on a 19" monitor. And under that it would be good to have stuff like publish date and all that stuff. You can probably leave that to someone else if you rather be writing (some people are VERY self conscious about their writing, so it's better to leave things like stats, so everyone can pull their weight ;) ), but a list of important facts would be good as well, such as:
  • 1-line intro, like all wiki pages.
  • Synopsis
  • Appearing Characters
    • Notable Characters
    • Other Characters
  • Transpiring Events
    • Major Events
    • Other Events
  • Publishing Facts
Use those as headers, basically. We need one article per book, and then we just use the current article as a summary article, with very brief info, and links to the three. I'll start on a Novel navigation box when we got at least 3 books somewhat done. Also, whenever you're mostly one with one, we'll feature it on the front of! =D
Characters will need very much in-depth info, but they get their own articles. I'll help you structure that later, so just make an article, put the character into Category:Character and add 1-2 lines of text and a {{stub}} tag at the bottom. We'll re-visit them when the books are done. When it's this much work to be done, it's good to organize it! ;)
I'll have significantly more time on my hands for the wiki in about a week from now, but I might pop in to reply to messages like this before then. See you later, and hope you had a great Christmas and New Years eve! --Leord 15:48, 1 January 2009 (CET)

Teeth[edit source]

The Teeth of Diablo was quite excellent, mate! =) Got anything else up your sleeve? --Leord 17:11, 16 February 2009 (CET)

Thanks you so much for the compliment! You thank us on the Diii site, but no one ever thanks you. Without you this site would be nothing like it is today. Kudos! Unfortunately I have board exams mid march (kind of like bar exams for lawyers) so until they are over, I pretty much have studying up my sleeve, but after then I will have magic up my sleeve :) ... Thanks again Leord... --ZSiegfried 2 March 2009
Cool, thank you a bunch for the compliment. I just do what I think is fun, and sometimes that's DiabloWiki, and sometimes it's StarCraft Wiki. Please do make a few edits when you have the time, I'll see you and can suggest any particular area needing a few minutes worth of editing on =) --Leord 19:35, 13 March 2009 (CET)