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the soothsayer[edit]

it would be interresting if Blizzard chose the fifth as the soothsayer basing it from (some of) the rogue skill pools featuring ranged weapons but also chants(buffs/debuffs/spell like abilities)and some form of spirit transformation phoenix/dragon/angelic embodying the character with traits of their diety (kind of like lycanthropy)

I have spent alot of time working out this "ideal soothsayer"

Hunter: ranged/elemental Fanatic: Dieties Chants: of buffs/debuffs

Hunter would have skills like penetrate, dodge, pierce, spirit arrow(damage based on path of diety) camoflage invisibility, sneak attack.

Fanatic devotee of phoenix skills like sonic boom (dazes monsters until they are attacked)embodiement of sound( causes weapons or arrows s small percent chance to stun and phoenix form( boosts the regen of health and manna)wall of vapor creates a wall of heat that damages enemies (like fire wall) Devotee of dragon skills like: scales (boosts armour and cannot be soul harvested) cone of acid (breath weapon) dragon claw (constriction dammage) dragon charm ( works like conversion(D2 paladin) or stunn (D2 Assassin)) dragon form ( envelops the character in flames and does dammage and spalsh damage to striking targets and targets close to the attacking target. Devotee of Angelic soothing world ( healing spell) commanding oath (confuses and kills undead) tranquility (prevents a target from making an action) sanctuary ( cures poision and/or prevents monsters from poisioning) ball of light( blinds and pushes back targets) embodiment of angels (makes the caster ethreal making extremely hard to hit with meele weapons) Chants jest ( makes a creature/creatures laugh) song of nature ( boosts armour) song of wind ( like vigor D2 Paladin) incite (rage) reverberation ( reduces enemies ac/attack/magic resist) song of fire (boosts resists) song of water ( replenishes manna) wrath (damages target and causes creature to attack the nearest creature)

I noticed 2 things about Diablo 2, the lack of manna regenerative abilities as far as party affecting character classes and as of yet for Diablo 3 no healer party buff element...unless i have missed something aside from mass monster spells/abilities.

also the lore would be too easy in act one (D2 the stones to reveal trist. spark the magic of soothsayers causing the rogues of old to spark new gifts and abilities brought forth from these sacres stones....

let me know what u guys think its a shot in the dark but even blind fighters can get the job done.

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