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Hello Sein Schatten! I think it's really cool you updated that little thing on other classes the other day. You might not think it's much, but with lots of people reading the article, you clarify the facts for lots of people who might just be surfing by. How do you find the wiki otherwise? Is there enough interesting stuff in it? =) --Leord 18:57, 23 October 2008 (CEST)

Hi. Well, I am not much of a wiki editor. I have done a dozen or more ontributions on the Elderscrolls Consrtruction Set wiki but that's it. The wiki here has all the info released yet, I think. I haven't tried searching stuff but if it is similar to the TES CS and you have to explicitly add search keywords to articles than I hope things like this are mentioned here for new wiki editors. Another thing I want to add is the frontpage. The character classes section is getting cumbersome with all the links to the class and then sublinks to the trees, yet the link to the class page has again links to the trees. IMO, just remove the links to the trees on the frontpage. Another suggestion I like more is add the links to all skill trees for the barb on the barb page. (but have one link for all trees for the other classes like now.) Monster listing the same. If more monsters are released that listing is getting too big. -- 16:46, 26 October 2008 Sein Schatten (unsigned)

Well, I wasn't much of a wiki editor either before I started doing updates for that Hellgate: London page. It was good and fun, and nice with lots of contributors, but then the game flopped, and it all died... =( No worries though. Neither the fans or anyone on is looking for "professional wiki artists", we are just trying to gather up Diablo fanatics and create THE source for all things Diablo =)
A couple of pointers: Make sure to sign your comments on a talk page like this (how to: Help:Talk), wiki links like this: Help works on talk pages as well, and also, the Barbarian page is part of a community effort, and if you think it helps you and others to have links to the skill trees, I think you should add it! ;)
As for the front page, I'm going to get to that really soon, and changing quite a few things on it. Thanks for pointing out the skill listings, the page is kind of bloated right now, isn't it? --Leord 13:50, 27 October 2008 (CET)
Did you get this message? =) --Leord 14:28, 1 November 2008 (CET)