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A list of all world dungeons and their regional locations[edit source]

Random Dungeons by Act and Waypoint[edit source]

Act I[edit source]

Old Tristram Road[edit source]

     The Cave Under the Well

     Damp Cellar

     Dank Cellar

     Mass Grave

     Musty Cellar

Old Tristram[edit source]

     Dark Cellar

     Quality Well (Easter egg dungeon)

The Weeping Hollow[edit source]

     Den of the Fallen

The Forsaken Cemetery[edit source]

     Development Hell (Super rare Easter egg dungeon, Final Boss awards Feat of Strength)

Fields of Misery[edit source]

     Decaying Crypt

     House of Curios

     Lost Mine

     Scavenger's Den

     Tinker's Hovel

     Pillaged Home

     Farmer's Cellar

Southern Highlands (South of North Highlands Waypoint, or North of Highlands Crossing)[edit source]

     Abandoned Servant House

     Cave of the Moon Clan

     The Lyceum

Northern Highlands[edit source]

     Watch Tower

Leoric's Hunting Grounds[edit source]

     Highlands Cave

Act II[edit source]

Howling Plateau[edit source]

     Abandoned Mineworks

     Faud's Cellar

     Sirocco Caverns

Black Canyon Mines[edit source]

     Blood Cellar

     Deserted Cellar

     Tunnels of the Rockworm (after defeating a unique rockworm inside a Deserted Cellar)

Stinging Winds[edit source]

     The Crumbling Vault (and Vault Treasure Room)

     Hadi's Claim Mine

     The Ruins

     Chamber of the Lost Idol

     Abandoned Cellar

Alcarnus[edit source]

     Alcarnus Cellar

     Sandy Cellar

     Town Cellar

Dahlgur Oasis[edit source]

     Ancient Cave

     Flooded Cave

     The Forgotten Ruins

     Mysterious Cave (available after saving Zaven the Alchemist)

     Old Fisherman's Cellar

     Ransacked Cellar

     Rotting Cellar

     Storage Cellar

     Storm Cellar

     Swampy Cellar

     Tomb of Khan Dakab

     Tomb of Sardar

Desolate Sands[edit source]

     Cave of Burrowing Horror (after defeating a unique rockworm Shaitan the Broodmother)

     Vile Cavern

     The Veiled Treasure (Possibility of the Ancient Device)

     The Fowl Lair (after having used the Ancient Device)

Act III[edit source]

The Arreat Gate[edit source]

     Fortified Bunker

     The Barracks

The Battlefields[edit source]

     Battlefield Stores

     The Foundry

     Cryder's Outpost

     The Forward Barracks

Fields of Slaughter[edit source]

     Caverns of Frost

     Icefall Caves

Rakkis Crossing[edit source]

     Bridge Stores

     The Underbridge

Act IV[edit source]

Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier[edit source]

     Blessed Chancel

     Holy Sanctum

     Radiant Chapel

     Sacellum of Virtue