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"I am GRRL, Hear me RAWR"

Hi there, I'm Veronica and I'm still a noob at D3. My highest character right now is in the 20s (25 I think?) and is a Barbarian. I have tons of questions and will try to contribute by adding the answers to the related pages.

I've played WoW for ... [too long] 6 years or so. I started playing with my hubby and since then have played a LOT more than him. I've mostly stopped playing it until MoP comes out, and have been playing D3 and TERA in the interim. I'm not even sure MoP will captivate my interest, as the Beta didn't let me progress past the Pandaran starter zone last time I played it and I gave up on it. I've also pre-purchased GW2 and will probably be playing that when it comes out [hopefully also with my hubby], unless TERA captivates me so entirely that I won't have time to play it [which is rather unlikely]. Btw, TERA is a GREAT game, I'm just an altoholic so am burnt out on the starting zone/leveling quests. I had mostly given up on Diablo 3 when I decided I really enjoyed using the Auction House, despite the insanely limited amount of auctions you may have on it, and so have been playing a Barbarian and smashing stuff to make even more gold. I originally created a Wizard and have since played each class up until around level 10 (did I mention I'm an altoholic?). I decided to make my Barbarian my main because with gear and a tiny bit of skill it is possible to grind for a long time with very little caution or downtime needed. I've currently paired her with the Enchantress, who I've also geared a bit to help with additional damage.

Now that I've thoroughly bored you, I bid you adieu.

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