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Hello everybody.

I'm 32 years old (too old to play children-games, I know; hee hee, LOL), and I'm from Madrid, Spain.

I'm playing since the Diablo saga started, but only in battlenet since Diablo2-LOD 1.10 came. I played single until then because before I was so poor to got internet myself, huh.

I'm a pure hardcore and ultra-legit player since years ago. I'm a Druid and Necromancer player, specially Druid. I love him (not pretended zoophylia here lol). My favourite character is the Hunter Druid, one of the most underpowered and funny character to complete the game playing alone in hc mode.

I also was a main Contribute-mod in the best legit Spanish web so far, "diablo2latino". I wrote down some strategy guides there, like this old one for Fire Werebear (you can only understans it if you speak Spanish, huh [1]

My internet nicknames always were Valmar or NecroMoncer, but in this forum I couldn't register like Valmar, then I choosed "Valmy" Everybody calls me just Val usually.