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I've been waiting so impatiently for my approval last month, that of course, the 2 days I don't obsessively check my email, it finally came!

I just got approved for my membership a couple days ago, and I'm excited to contribute not just search and read endlessly. I uploaded a couple of my screenshots and a compiled & labeled Spawn Point map for CoF in the FoS. It contains the 5 Verified Spawn points and 1 UNverified spawn point, that I included because of the # of times & variety of user reports and just close proximity of another confirmed spawn, so I clearly indicated which spawn point was unverified & only reported about half the time.

My PC is not up to gaming right now, so I'm playing on my Xbox One. But I'm hoping if I can get some help, I'd love to make a New page devoted to the differences between PC vs. Console play (eg. No option to participate in Season 3! But the Season-only items are released for everyone on console) Also, I find the info online mostly lacking for the any Diablo3 console, cause while most is almost the same, some things/items are different and I need info on this stunted version of playing via no PC....... God I miss the capabilities of just my full size keyboard vs this tablet.....

Anyways, if you'd like to help either writing or editing my code work before I publish it, I'd be happy to get an extra pair of eyes or glasses on this thing. May take me bit, but I hope to have some rough drafts of the main topics, headings, subjects, and category web of some kind very soon.

Send me a msg if you're interested! Or if you know of anywhere I can research this topic further!


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