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Background[edit | edit source]

Dragonhelmuk or "Draegi" for short, first became a Diablo fan after watching a friend play Diablo II soon after the release of the iw|LoD LoD expansion pack. Back before "next day delivery", dragonhelmuk decided to download the Diablo 1 Demo whilst waiting for the second instalment to arrive. Dragonhelmuk quickly fell in love with the "Dark Fantasy" of Sanctuary's lore and setting, and has played the Diablo series intermittently ever since then. Dragonhelmuk's passion for these elements has been tempered by knowledge of European medieval and pre-history and a special interest in the Celtic languages and culture.

Despite playing almost exclusively SP and TCP/IP games, (and thus not understanding some of the more perverted speech used by the typical Diablo fan!) dragonhelmuk has played through Diablo I, Hellfire, Diablo II, LoD, and at least has a version of Gorgonium's Checklist which is more legitimate than those created by the people who play on, albeit also one which is only partially complete. (it's harder solo!)

Dragonhelmuk's favourite class on Diablo II would have to be the Raven-Summoner Druid, but despairing of ever playing this character past Normal Difficulty, our sad hero usually has to be content with other kinds of Druids, Singing Barbarians, Curse Necromancers and Shadow-Assassins.

Overall dragonhelmuk is impressed with Diii so far, and looking forward to playing with the Witch Doctor's Plagues and the Wizards' Conjuring Magic, but wishes Blizzard would stop demeaning the plot, lore and storyline of the Diablo saga pre-Diablo III.

On the moral-issues which confront every Diablo fan, dragonhelmuk has confessed to being:
Pro-Laptop Gaming
Pro-non-cookie cutter builds and extreme specialisation
Pro-Muling (Viva Atma!)
Pro-Über Unique and Set Items
Pro-Invasive Storyline
Pro-Diii Pre-Release Demo (I'm not expecting a final game, but a taster, perhaps with ultra rare items like in the Blizzcon demo, could be so fun!)
... but also
Anti-Hardcore only
Anti-Stat Point Allocation
Anti-Loreless characters like the Monk
... and
Unsure about the characters having personalities which ignore the way the player chooses to play them.

Notable Diablo Community Contributions[edit | edit source]

in wiki[edit | edit source]

31/12/08: Druidic Irish Translations.
31/1/09: Set Item Lore Backgrounds [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7]
13/6/09: "Outside Diablo" background for Madawc
12/9/09: Asheara's Diablo 2 links
14/9/09: Lore Information on Izual
14/9/09: Diablo 3 Theories for Tyrael
12/10/09: All we know about Barbarian Cities
17/11/09: Fiacla-Géar

external[edit | edit source]

Dragonhelmuk's Druidic Lexicon
Features of Diablo 1 which might return in Diablo III (Youtube video)
A mod version for Gorgoniums Checklist including D2 1.10 items and items from D1.
A strategy guide for playing a singing barbarian