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The Unformed Land, or Mbwiru Eikura is the definition of the umbaru tribes belief.

Background[edit | edit source]

Their belief holds that the true, sacred reality is veiled behind the physical one we normally experience. Their vitally important public ceremonies are centred upon sacrifices to the life force that flows from their gods, who inhabit the Unformed Land, into this lesser physical realm.

They gather human sacrifices through ritual tribal wars, as only those taken in battle are considered worthy of the ritual sacrifice according to the code of heroism and honour of the tribes.

Witch Doctors are finely attuned to this Unformed Land and are able to train their minds to perceive it through a combination of rituals and the use of selected roots and herbs found in the jungles. They call the state in which they interact with this other world the Ghost Trance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Mbwiri is a Central African demon who is said to possess people. In real world terms, he gives them epilepsy.

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