The Crown of the Skeleton King

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King Leoric, reanimated.

The Crown of the Skeleton King is a quest item the player must secure in order to complete The Skeleton King quest. See that page for more details.

Blizzcon 2008 Demo[edit | edit source]

In the 2008 Blizzcon demo, the crown was obtained on the second level of the dungeon from the leader of a group of Dark Cultists. After securing the crown, players had to venture down to the third level of the dungeon and fight their way through to Leoric's throneroom, where the ancient King's moldering bones were perched on a throne.

Delivering the Crown caused King Leoric to reanimate, triggering the final boss battle that concluded the Blizzcon 2008 demo.

The crown has a name that is green in color, as do all Quest Items in Diablo III. This is a change from Diablo II, where Set Items were named in green.

Video[edit | edit source]

Leoric's reanimation and the subsequent battle can be seen from just after the Crown was used to awaken him, in the following YouTube video.