The Black Soulstone (Act II)


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This page provides information on The Black Soulstone (Act II)[e] conversation.

Shifty Jeweler


Shen: "Do you think I could take a close look at that Black Soulstone? It's like nothing I've ever seen before."

Player: "It is no ordinary stone. It is an object of great evil."

Shen: "You think to little of me. The object of my search is as dangerous as anything. My expertise may be of some use to you. I am, after all, quite well versed in the knowledge of jewels and stones."

The player portion of the conversation can differ depending on the class and gender.


Available at the start of The Scouring of Caldeum quest.

Associated Achievements[edit]

The Black Soulstone (Act II) is in some way involved in the following achievement(s).

Name Points Description Banner

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No Award

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