The Angered Dead

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The Angered Dead is triggered when Ghostly Masons and Shadow Swordwielders are encountered in the Westmarch Commons in Act V. The initial objective of this event is to investigate the Brenden Manor Grounds. This is a circular place with a central fountain. Upon entering Brenden Manor Grounds, Lord Darius Brenden, a superunique human, appears and the two entrances gates close, preventing your escape. The objective now is to kill Lord Darius Brenden who constantly spawns Shadow Swordwielders. Note that if you keep killing the Swordwielders, Lord Darius Brenden eventually gives up spawning his minions.

Encountering Ghostly Masons triggers the Angered Dead event (v2.0.6)
Brendon Manor Grounds (v2.0.6)

Dialogs during The Angered Dead event[edit | edit source]

Before meeting Ghostly Masons or Shadow Swordwielders
Nephalem: "There is strange magic at work here."

When trapped in Brenden Manor Grounds
Lord Darius Brenden: "No one enters my grounds uninvited! Die, peasant!".

Associated Achievements[edit | edit source]

The Angered Dead is in some way involved in the Sightseeing and The Tourists Achievements.