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Website [e]
Diablo III Logo.jpg
Diablo: IncGamers
Type of site: Fansite
Language: English
Registration: Free & optional
Owner: IncGamers
Created by: Elly & Rushster
Launched: 1997
Internet rank: ~11k
Current status: Active

How to use[edit source]

|game=            Diablo I, Diablo II or Diablo III.
|portrait=        Filename only. The icon of the skill.
|portrait-width=  If different than 200px, set width here, otherwise comment out.
|name=            Skill name, if different from name of page.
|url=             Website url.
|type=            Fansite, blog, database, Gaming site, etc.
|language=        English, mostly.
|reg=             Free/Subscription, Optional/Compulsory, etc.
|owner=           Name or Organisation.
|created=         Names/Nicknames/Organisation.
|launch=          Launch year (and date, if possible).
|rank=            Internet Alexa rank.
|status=          Active/Inactive.
|catexclude=      Put a space here if categories should be excluded.