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Parts 13-16 are found in Act III in The Armory. [e]
Part Text Found on Quest
13 We've reached Bastion's Keep, but holding the Black Soulstone together takes up all of my time now. Sometimes I think of the wounded soldiers and their families outside... but then my concentration fails and the spells weaken. I must stay focused and trust my friend to save the keep and its people. The Siege of Bastion's Keep
14 The days are hard. If it weren't for my mother standing beside me, I don't know what I'd do. She even watches the stone for a few hours each night so I can rest. Sometimes I dream I'm in New Tristram with Uncle Deckard again, and...it's hard to wake up after that. Turning the Tide
15 Adria tells me that our friend has beaten back Azmodan's armies and the keep is safe now. I... I almost can't believe it. The essences within the soulstone grow angrier - fiercer. They're fighting against me every m oment now, and their darkness creeps around the edges of my mind... I must remain strong. The Breached Keep (after finding The Keep Depths lvl 2)
16 I thought I was going to die when I saw the demons' rage escape from the soulstone. Tyrael and my friend fought them, but I couldn't help. It was like I was watching them through a haze. What is the soulstone doing to me? Azmodan must die soon... Then I will be myself again. Heart of Sin