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  1. From the Quest Selection screen take Act II quest No. 2. The Road to Alcarnus.
  2. Take the Waypoint in the Hidden Camp to the Black Canyon Mines.
  3. Once you have materialised take a couple of steps to the right. If you see the Blood Cellar door open leave the game and resume as the Deserted Cellar won't appear.
  4. If the Blood Cellar is not there head left and hug the bottom of the map.
  5. Within a very short distance is the first possible location of the Deserted Cellar.
  6. If not there head directly north. At the very north, right hand side of the gate into the Stinging Winds is the other possible spawn location.
  7. If the Deserted Cellar doesn't appear in either place or it doesn't contain what you're looking for, leave and Resume Game to appear back at the waypoint in the Hidden Camp.