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This template is created to have an easy and standardised way to create edit links. It's a simplified version of Editlink. The template uses Lancode and one compulsory variable to work. The variable is the name of the article including any prefixes. There are also a second optional variable that can be used for customization. The variables are:


  • 1 - Full name of article linked. Must use underscores ("_") in place of spaces. (compulsory)
  • 2 - Changing to other language code than the standard for the wiki. (optional)



Will create:


Related templates:

  • Template:Lancode - It's the language code of the wiki.
  • Template:Editurl - Used to create an edit url. Uses Lancode. Note this is the url only.
  • Template:Editlink - Used to create a link, linkbox or small linkbox. Uses Lancode.

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