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Diablo Character [e]
Diablo III Logo.jpg
The Buggerer
Bosshead.png Main Character Bosshead.png
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Occupation: Boss
Affilliation: Holy Knights of Westmarch
Friends: None Known
Foes: None Known
Location: Unknown

Use this template on character pages. If a character page also is a monster or NPC page, consider separating them. The following two templates are NO LONGER used with the charbox for main characters and other (normal) characters:

They are linked in through the "chartype" attribute of the template. It currently also holds the Title, which must be used.

This template will also add the article to Category:Characters and/or Category:Main characters, depending on if it's a normal or main character.

|portrait=        Filename. Automatically set to D3 logo.
|portrait-width=  If different than 200px, set width here.
|name=            If different than article title, set here.
|chartype=        normal or main. Use no capital letters.
|title=           Must be used. If lacking proper title, add Mr, Mrs or Ms. Multiple titles go here.
|gender=          Male, Female, Androgynous or Unknown.
|race=            Human, Human (Undead), Khazra etc.
|status=          Alive, Dead, Undead, Imprisoned, Unknown
|occupation=      (Profession) set to "Unknown" if occupation is not known. Can be same as title.
|affiliation=     What faction(s) character is aligned to.
|friends=         Known friends listed with <br>. Or: "None Known".
|foes=            Known foes listed with <br>. Or: "None Known".
|location=        Where the character is now. Or: "Unknown".
|role=            Can't remember why this was added!
|categories=      Optional entry for any categories you might want to put character in.
|catexclude=      If added, no categories are added.