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Using a template on the entries?[edit source]

I have been pondering making a template for the entries, for easier fix if we want to change the header of each, and also for the navigation. Similar to StarCraft Wiki QA sessions. For now, just copy+paste the following:

The '''[[Writings of Abd al-Hazir]]''' are well known in the civilised parts of [[Sanctuary]]. The writings of al-Hazir seem to both be named works as well as a collection of works, such as a diary. ''The Writings of Abd al-Hazir'' is thereby probably both the name of a book as well as literary meaning a collection of his writing. [[Category:Lore]][[Category:Abd al-Hazir]][[Category:Books]] ==Entry no. 00== ==References== * [ Blizzard X page]

--Leord 17:16, 28 October 2008 (CET)

Entry 0017....[edit source]

No where in the entry does it say that the "Old Adventurer" is Deckard Cain.... nor is Cain missing an arm at the moment, and i dont think he can run that fast....