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Spelling[edit source]

You can go here to get the right spelling for names of the months. [1] -- 13:46, 28 October 2008 Solomir

That's an impressive collection of facts. I think lore fans everywhere would be very happy if you helped out with adding these things to DiabloWiki =) Also, remember to sign your comments (Help:Talk) --Leord 14:24, 1 November 2008 (CET)
Not a lot of experience with Wikis, would have programmed the thing to leave a signature by itself, it should be super easy considering there is a button dedicated for that. Having other people able to edit my work isn't something that I am generally interested in, settling in a Wiki would have made some aspects of my project a lot more easier, but it would have made it much more complicated as a whole. Editing other peoples work is also something I probably wont be able to cope with, lorewise, the universe of Diablo is at a retcon juncture, which from what I was told, could be going until the second novel and even beyond, what is still fact and what is no longer valid remains to be seen. This is certainly not the time to draw conclusions and write entire articles, though of course, the speculation fest is inevitable, if one can not determine things by himself, one can not complement on the work of others. Until the release of Diablo III I would be confined mainly to finish my own project, once its finished, incorporating it within a decent network won't be so difficult.--Solomir 22:41, 1 November 2008 (CET)
I know what you mean. There are ups and downs with a wiki. I would hazard to say that any larger lore entries would most likely be left alone, as people get intimidated by good writing, but at the same time, but no guarantees. The articles that WILL be unique to their authors are the guides much like in The advantage of being a "fan wiki" rather than a wikipedia, is that we can mix "regular" pages with author-specific guides. As for lore and stuff, I was part of WoWWiki a lot when I was more into WoW, and I think you actually will come to like it. For the most part, you'll talk to and work with people with very similar mindset. In my experience, it has been great fun, and I'm a bit like you with the writing.
The other thing is, I am also a news writer for, the biggest Diablo site out there, so any credit in work will go where credit is due, right in the Diablo news, together with interviews and previews! ;) Still, if you would like pages that are your own, you can use your user page, and create user pages, like this: User:Solomir/Personal_info. Either way, you are free to edit your user page here with a link to your own lore home page! As long as you at least contribute a *little* bit, it won't be seen as spam ;) And I know you are a human being, so =) --Leord 15:42, 3 November 2008 (CET)
Oh, also, if you have seen a wiki with auto-sign script, do tell me =) There is a problem with having that, as sometimes you might not want to sign your contrib on a talk page, but if it's used in a good way somewhere, I'd like to see it, and consider adding it here! --Leord 15:46, 3 November 2008 (CET)

Months[edit source]

Very cool find, Dragonhelmuk! :)--Leord 13:14, 1 October 2009 (CEST)