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Oki, welcome anyone who venture here. This is where we plan about the Fan Fiction community and what we can do for it. Feel free to start a new thread by editing this page! --Leord 12:31, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

The Dark Library Column[edit]

The plan is to try and get more attention to the fan fiction community with a weekly column. It's named "The Dark Library" because the old IncGamers fan fiction library for Diablo/WarCraft/StarCraft/etc was called that.

It's supposed to be posted on TUESDAYS, and here's some guidelines for it:

  • Contain at least 2 pieces of content
    • Could be chapter of an archived story.
    • Could be a new short story.
    • Could be character profiles.
    • Could be a lot more than 2 pieces of content if more than 2 new stories were submitted in the past week.
  • Priority is new content
    • If we only have one new story, also add one piece of old content.
    • If we have 2 or more new stories, only do new ones.
    • Only subsidise 1 piece of content for a character profile. Never post ONLY char profiles.
  • Queue content
    • Since contributions are erratic we use a content queue to make sure each week gets some attention.
    • Don't post more than 2 new items per week, use oldest of the new ones first.
    • Don't post more than 2 char profiles unless we have a long queue of profiles.
    • If a new piece of fan fiction got a lot of attention, let it get prio.
    • Use old archived material as necessary.
  • Examples
    • 2 chapters from The Key
    • 1 The Key chapter, 1 char profile
    • 1 The Key chapter, 2 char profiles
    • 1 new piece

Input on everything above is welcome :) --Leord 12:31, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

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