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[quote]I have not seen anything from Blizzard on how it will be done, so how would you implement it? (I will post some ideas, I just want to know what others think of this subject first)[/quote]

There are a number of valid ways:

- Morphing (Horadric Cube-like effect) - Item-building (like gathering ore, melting it and creating a dagger) - Runeword-related (not gonna be runewords in the game, but a situation where it's similar, combining parts inside a current item to recreate it)

On top of that there are a varied numbers of way to enhance weapons that currently exist.

I would wager that they will not use regular item-building, but rather either some sort of morph, or Runeword-like effect (combining certain items with each other to re-make items).

--Leord 18:25, 22 September 2009 (CEST)