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Thousand Pounder

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|spells= Enrage
|found= [[Forgotten Tombs]]
}}[[Image:Mon-thousand-pounder-concept1.jpg|left|thumb|220px|Concept art of the Thousand Pounder(s).]]Thousand Pounder is a special boss monster, seen in the [[WWI 2008]] [[Gameplay Moviegameplay movie]] and a few related screenshots. It's not known if he's one particular individual out of a whole class of big, fat, dual-wielding, tattooed, [[Demon]]s, or if he's a special, one-of-a-kind demon. He's not an [[Act Boss]] or a major [[Quest boss]] though, that much was made clear in the panels at the WWI event.
The Thousand Pounder dondoesn't have any additional minions or other monsters to help him out, so if the player uses an avoidance tactic, and tries to damage him with ranged attacks, or using skills forcing him to make him activating use his strong but slow attacks in , dodging them, and counter attacking before the wrong directionPounder retaliates, he should can be relatively easy to killtaken down easily. Just remember not to get hit by the maces, and you'll be fine.
===Summoning Ritual===
Thousand Pounder is summoned up in a scripted event. The [[Barbarian]] in the [[gameplay movie]] is running through the [[Forgotten Tombs]], when he comes upon a circle of five [[Dark Cultist]]s channelling their energy to call up a the [[demonDemon]]. At first there are three pale-skinned youths dancing in the circle. They explode one by one, and then from their blood and flesh the demon is made incarnate.
[[Image:Mon-thousand-summon1.jpg|center|thumb|600px|Youths dance, then are sacrificed to call forth Thousand Pounder.]]