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Thousand Pounder

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===Spells and Abilities===
* [[Image:Mon-thousand-pounder2.jpg|thumb|right|Rage mode activated.]]'''Enrage''' - The Thousand Pounder enrages when he reaches 50% health, making his tattoos glow ominously, and increasing his speed and damage.
===The D3 Team on Thousand Pounder===
[[Image:Mon-thousand-pounder2.jpg|thumb|right|Rage mode activated.]]Thousand Pounder was discussed in the [[WWI_2008:_Denizens_of_Diablo_Panel#Custom_Deaths|WWI Denizens of Diablo]] panel. 
::''The other way we emphasize [[monster]] character and personality is to look at the monster on whole. How do they get on screen and die? He's going to be on screen in a cool way, so we went to the the Thousand Pounder here. He's all bout hell. He's summoned from it literally piece by piece. When he gets on screen we figured he should be made and big. Express anger. Part of his gameplay is that he gets really mad when he's almost dead. Throws a huge temper tantrum and this changes how he plays and how the player has to play against him. When he's enraged we changed how he looked; made his tattoos glow, gave him new attack animations and special effects. When he dies the animation is somewhat a reverse of how he came on screen. We did this to show of the whole idea that he's from hell.''
===The Metric System===
Speculative (and humorous), are suggestions for what this monster could be called in non-US/UK versions of the game, where the people don't, in [ the words of Vincent], "know what the f**k a quarter pounder is." Somehow, calling this boss the, "Four hundred and fifty four kilo'er" doesn't have quite the same ring to it...
A thread was started with this topic in the Unofficial Diablo 3 Forums as well.[]
On the 30th of January, 2009[], [[Bashiok]] responded to a [[]] thread[] about the similarities with Stay Puft from the [ Ghostbusters film]. His response was the image to the right here:
Image:Mon-thousand-pounder-concept1.jpg|Concept art: 5 fat-blobs visible.
Image:Ghostbusters_Thousand_Pouner.jpg|Looking like Stay Puft?