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Thousand Pounder

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Thousand Pounder 'Title'
==Thousand Pounder 'Title'==
The title '[[Gluttony]] [[Incarnate]]' is a mystery. Comparing this big fella with the [[Siegebreaker Assault Beast]], he seems to have a 'title' that would work very much like Diablo 2 {{iw|Monster_Modifiers Monster Modifiers}}. Still, 'Gluttony Incarnate' could be his ''title'' just like the Siegebreaker's 'Living siege Engine of Hell' obviously must be. The [[Thousand Pounder]] could also very well be an equivalent of a Diablo II {{iw|Superunique Superunique}}, with a different name than other units that look the same (as the Thousand Pounder has been depicted to come in packs in concept art). Time (and BlizzCon) will hopefully tell Other players have speculated that perhaps we'll see mini-bosses with names inspired by all [ seven deadly sins]. It's purely speculation at this point, but it's as good a guess as any.# Lust# Gluttony# Greed# Sloth# Wrath# Envy# Pride