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Power Shrine

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The Power Shrine is one of the new class of Super Shrines added in [[Reaper of Souls]].  This [[shrine ]] provides a huge boost to damage for 30 seconds, adding 400% to damage output. That's not just to weapon damage, but to total DPS, literally quadrupling the total damage a character deals. The four-fold increase can be seen in the Character window DPS display.
==Blizzcon 2013 Debut==
The Speed Power Shrine was first seen in the RoS demo at Blizzcon 2013 and was detailed in an report on[]:
::The Power Shrine boosted my character’s damage by 400% for 30 seconds. It did show up in the Inventory numbers; the first game I got it I checked before and after clicking and my Monk’s displayed damage went from 402.3 DPS to 1609.1 DPS.