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Arcane Orb

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[[File:Arcane-orb-3.jpg|thumb|350px|Arcane Orb upon impact.]]
'''Arcane Orb''' is a Secondary [[Wizard skill]] unlocked at [[clvl|Level]] 5. The Orb is shot at a target and moves in a straight line, but at a slower speed than most projectiles. Fast targets or enemies that move from side to side may avoid it entirely, which though the orb travels a good distance and may hit an enemy well beyond the primary target This is one of the Wizard's most damaging attacks, an orb that explodes on touch, delivering impact for very high damage and a splashing [[ArcaneAoE]] damageeffect. There is also a very high resource cost, with three of these projectiles fired in rapid succession enough to completely drain the Wizard's Arcane Power. It is not a very effective attack against high hit point enemies, but works very well to clear our clusters of normal monsters
The Wizard summons a glowing orb that travels upon touch will deal great damage to all foes and objects in its range.