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Thousand Pounder

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Thousand Pounder 'Title'
==Thousand Pounder 'Title'==
The title '[[Gluttony]] [[Incarnate]]'' is a mystery. Comparing this big fella with the [[Siegebreaker Assault Beast]], he seems to have a 'title' that would work very much like Diablo 2 {{iw|Monster_Modifiers Monster Modifiers}}. Still, 'Gluttony Incarnate' could be his ''title'' just like the Siegebreaker's 'Living siege Engine of Hell' obviously must be. The [[Thousand Pounder]] could also very well be an equivalent of a Diablo II {{iw|Superunique Superunique}}, with a different name than other units that look the same (as the Thousand Pounder has been depicted to come in packs in concept art). Time (and BlizzCon) will hopefully tell.