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November 15, 2005
A short news item on CVG excerpts a few quotes from Blizzard President [[Mike Morhaime]] in which he talks about hopes for future films in the Blizzard worlds. The interview originally appeared on the Unofficial WoW site [] in the [|Mike Morhaime video interview] which we released at BlizzCon.
<blockquote>Blizzard Entertainment President Mike Morhaime has spoken of how he "would love for us to release feature-length films in each of the worlds", letting slip a desire to see [[Wacraft]], [[Starcraft ]] and '''Diablo ''' make the move to a new medium in the silver screen...
Explaining the grand reasoning behind this 'love' in a recent interview, Morhaime has said he thinks that "the universes are rich and strong enough to support that kind of thing" and adds that in his mind it would "enhance the connection that players have with the game". Morhaime also spoke of a desire to see the mainstream appeal of videogames expand and about how he'd like "more people outside of the core audience" to be "familiar with our gaming world".</blockquote>