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Thousand Pounder

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Diablo III Monster
|spells= Enrage
|found= [[Forgotten Tombs]]
}}[[Image:Mon-thousand-pounder-concept1.jpg|left|thumb|220px|Concept art of the Thousand Pounder(s).]]Thousand Pounder is a special boss monster, seen in the [[WWI 2008]] [[gameplay movie]] and a few related screenshots. It's not known if he's one particular individual out of a whole class of big, fat, dual-wielding, tattooed [[Demon]]s, or if he's a special, one-of-a-kind demonbut the video of the demon hunter suggests he belongs to a class of "fatty" fiends. He's not an [[Act Boss]] or a major [[Quest boss]] though, that much was made clear in the panels at the WWI event.