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Java etc
:::Well, it's not that hard for me to just implement a new java script on the site - I have FPT access. The thing is I wouldn't know how to use it in the actual templates or articles! --[[User:Leord|Leord]] 17:44, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
::::re .css issues: Personal .css doesn't work either ([[user:vipermagi/monobook.css]]). That's what I needed the new messages box for :) Thanks!
::::The div classes for NavFrame are all .css. Implementation in articles would look like the following (but probably in a template so it's not uber difficult to remember ^^ Variables for colors, header and content):
<div class="NavFrame" style="background: darkred">
<div class="NavHead" align=left style="background: red"><Header goes here></div>
<div class="NavContent" align=left>
<Dirty little secrets go here>
::::The .js that needs to be implemented is documented [ here] (top section, up until Dynamic Navigation Bars), css is [ here] (ctrl+f "coll", copy section up until == Infobox == should be everything). This should 'fix' the example I posted, too. Indicator of the code working, I guess. I'm no expert at this stuff, so if everything collapses (in a bad way), it's not my fault, okay? :D --[[User:Vipermagi|Vipermagi]] 21:53, 16 December 2009 (UTC)