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Spam is a term which either describes unwanted text intruding from the shadows of the internet or, in other cases, a less-than-delicious meat that comes in a can. In the realm of games, it also takes on a third definition.

Internet Spam[edit | edit source]

Spam is something any internet user will be thoroughly familiar with, whether it is unwanted emails about genitalia enlargement, fake watches, or banking scams, to even more unwanted entries into community-edited wiki sites such as this one!

Diablo Spam[edit | edit source]

Spam, in regards to Diablo, has been running rampant nearly since release. With the advent of chat bots (which developed startlingly fast after the release of Diablo II), people were free to leave their bots in chat channels where they could advertise illegal item-selling websites (also known as RMT, or "Real Money Transactions"), trying to push their goods on to others, to the extent that many of the public chat channels are filled to the brim with spammers.

The spam also overflows into players' games, filling their screen with text about various websites that one should consider visiting (but one should never actually visit them).

Skill Spam[edit | edit source]

Spam is also used to describe an artifact of fast-action games such as Diablo: skill spam. To spam a skill is to use a skill repeatedly in quick succession, without varying skill usage or strategy. This will either be referred to as skill spam or, more simply, spamming. It is generally frowned upon, even though it is, sadly, often effective.

Canned Spam[edit | edit source]

Canned Spam is a meat of ill repute, often referred to as "the mystery meat". Contact with canned spam should be done at the user's discrection. does not retain any responsibility for what happens to users who have prolonged exposure to canned spam.

With that said, there is a large variety of not-too-tasty recipes which include meat spam whose chief focus seems to be using ingredients with overpowering flavors, perhaps to cover up the counter-intuitive usage of meat spam to begin with.