Life for Fury Spent

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Life for Fury Spent (or LFFS) is an item affix that heals the Barbarian X amount for each point of Fury spent. The amount healed is a flat number, not a percentage, and this property rewards Barbarians with life for spending Fury via their skills. A player looking to optimize this would want the ability to gain Fury rapidly, and also to spend it quickly, especially during intense combat.

This modifier exists in D3C but is little used or valued. It is set to become much more prominent in Reaper of Souls as Life Steal is being largely removed from the game and often replaced with LFFS on skills.

The Health Globe Healing Bonus affix often pairs with and adds to LFFS abilities, making that affix useful to have on gear since it can substantially increase (doubling it or more) the healing bonus from LFFS.

Life for Spirit Spent is an identical property used by Monks, and it's likely (though not yet confirmed) that the Crusader will have an equivalent property with Life for Faith Spent.