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Legacy items are Legendary and Set items spawned prior to v1.04. In that patch Blizzard greatly upgraded the stats of most Legendary items in the game, essentially creating two versions of every Legendary item. In almost every case the older item is less-desirable, but there are a few exceptions.

Legacy Item Details[edit | edit source]

Legacy set items will not provide partial or full set bonuses when mixed with current set items. Legacy set items will only mix with other Legacy set items, and the same goes for current Set items. In most cases the Legacy set bonuses were smaller than the current ones.

Blizzard's website does not list Legacy item stats. You can see them in the Diablonut database though, as every Set and Legendary item lists its values in previous patches, as well as the current game.

For instance, one of the few Legacy items to hold any value is The Three Hundredth Spear, since the legacy version had 21-25% Magic Find, a rare mod to find on a weapon.

Compare the current version to the Legacy version, courtesy of Diablonut.IncGamers.com.