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Background[edit | edit source]

Website [e]
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Imperium Diablo
Type of site: Fansite
Language: Polish
Registration: Free
Owner: Przemo
Created by: Przemo
Launched: 2002
Internet rank: ~200k
Current status: Active


Imperium Diablo, launched in 2002 by Przemo, is one of the biggest Diablo fansites dedicated to the polish community. The portal is abundant in the information about all games from the series - important data, trivia, Easter Eggs and much more. There is also a possibility to share your toughts with other players on the forum.


Year 2001.

On 12th of August I started working and creating the Website.

Year 2002.

On 17th of October the Website started its operation. The first address of the Empire was, and the website was officially called “Diablo 2 Empire” [Polish name: Imperium Diablo 2]. It opened in separate pop-up window and was quite unusual in appearance.

Year 2003.

The existing sections were developed. The website gained more and more renown amongst Diablo 2 fans. The number of good strategies for Diablo 2 increased greatly, as well as other texts received from our guests, enriching our works sections.

Year 2004.

The Empire became a part of o vortal about fantasy games called the Phoenix. The address changed to The website abandoned pop-up mode and opened in normal window of a browser, having much more new sections. The layout remained unchanged.

Year 2005.

The website had its first editor - $liwa. Then, in the same year, other people joined the editors team – Bverrit and Noktis. On 11th of April we started a discussion forum, which has been active till today. We started a cooperation with Spot – Diablo 2 mods specialist, he also established the Polish Diablo 2 Modding Centre on our forum. We also started to work with the Polish Clan League (largest pvp league in Poland) and its head Ajantis, and started as well a partnership with D2 game servers – DoT Realm and Angrenost Realm (the administrator of the first one, Naki, became our IT specialist, the administrator of AR, Mr. Mag, supported us also in IT issues). We established a Diablo 2 Clan – Warriors of the Empire (along with a 24-hour-a-day channel “op wote”). There was a browser game, working as a part of the Website, called the Empire MMORPG. Unfortunately, the clan and the game does not exist any longer. The site about a Diablo 1 mod - Awake – became a part of our Website. We “assimilated” another Phx Diablo 2 website – Diablo 2 Tavern [Polish name: Tawerna Diablo 2]. In September the Diablo Empire changed its layout for the first time. New sections (among others, the one about Diablo1) and functions (ex. the strategy assessment) appeared, also, the name (“Diablo Empire”, without the number “2”) and the address (to changed.

Year 2006.

We were sponsors of the 4th and 5th editions of polish clan league (rewards worth about 1500 PLN). We organized also our own contest with rewards – Phoenix Diablo Tour. We started cooperation with another Diablo 2 mods’ creators, which effected in such mods as WDA or Invisible Mod. We also started to provide video-relations from Diablo 2 tournaments. We had a flourish of works from our guests – every week we could choose at least couple of materials oh highest standards and place them in the news section.

Year 2007.

This was a continuation of what we had started in previous years, that is tons of news (also with works of our guests) concerning Diablo 2 tournaments, unofficial Diablo 2 servers, D2 and D1 mods, and gossips about Diablo 3 (nobody in Poland except us believed that such thing will appear :) ) In September we had a revolution of the Diablo Empire. The website was completely rebuilt, we ran it on original CMS created by Bverrit, we changed the graphic design, replacing the old one with three new to choose and we created many new sections, enriching the old ones with new information. We added couple of new functions, ex. The search engine for runewords. In 2007 we cooperated with the Techland company – our editors tested Polish version of the Loki game. The address of the Diablo Empire and names of editors were enclosed in game’s manual, and the logo of Phx on the box with the Loki game. All of editors were given this game – apart from that, we received ten boxes for contests, and in the future other copies of the game called Legend Hand of God.

Year 2008.

This was a year of the Diablo 3 announcement. It started from Blizzard’s teasers, news about them were very popular (#1, #2, #3, #4). Then was a day of the official announcement of Diablo 3 by Blizzard (28th of June) and, as a consequence, lots of work during this very day. As first in Poland we published all of currently known information (screenshots and films) about the third part of Diablo (among others, we translated the whole website, which existed only in English version). Much of that you can find nowadays in the Retrospection section. Couple days after Diablo 3 announcement we added fourth graphic design (the black one). In October we added the red layout. We published Diablo 3 news consistently and developed sections about Diablo 3.

Years 2009, 2010 and 2011.

We published news about Diablo 3 and developed sections about this game – on a regular basis. Also, we established our own Diablo 2 server – the Empire Realm [Polish name: Imperium Realm], which is active till today. We also started to cooperate with certain trade forum (operating in fg), which for some time has been replacing our forum’s trade section. In the Polish Modding Centre, some new great Polish Diablo 2 mods appeared, ex. World Youth En or Alchemic. We published many new Diablo 2 strategies, declaring, that apart from the Diablo 3 annoucenments, we are also interested in the second part of this game. We established a Facebook, Google+ and Nasza-klasa accounts :). There were many changes in the editors team during these years – such editors as Haxite, Valcklor and Wanderer rendered great service to development of our Website. We also cooperated with the Play games magazine, which already doesn’t exist.

Year 2012.

The Diablo 3 premiere appeared so we had much more work with our sections about this game (the works are in progress and it will take some time until we will be perfectly acquainted with all the aspects of Diablo 3 :) ). The rotation in editors team was still in progress.

Year 2013 and the following years....

We are heading hopefully the next years in Diablo 1, Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 world. We will try to present the realm of the game for the best we can, to You, our readers and users. We count on Your support, the same as You have been giving us for the last 10 years. Please visit us often and keep Your fingers crossed for us :).