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A fire warrior is a martial artist/caster who weilds the ability to control the element of fire. He is a master of hand to hand combat, close weapon combat, and can cast burning fire at his enemies or make great defenses to protect his freinds and allies.

contents[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

He started as a lonely traveler wondering through the desert when he saw a figure in the distance. He saw it was a man on his knees weiry and at the virge of death. The traveler ran to the man and took him to a nearby village to save him from death of thirst. After the traveler saved the man, the stranger made an offer. He said,"I will give you immortalaty and the power of fire in exchange for their immortal soul and he would be of service to me." Being a greedy man, the traveler excepted the offer, and the traveler and stranger went into the depths of hell. When they got there, the traveler found the stranger was diablo himself.

Diablo touched the traveler with his finger. And within two seconds, the man had incredible fire abilities and lost his soul. Diablo's first request was for the fire warrior to destroy every rebel and their encampents. The fire warrior accepted the mission. So for six months, he killed every rebel and destoyed every camp. But one day, he came upon a camp in the very desert he met diablo. He soon met a beautiful young woman working at the market. He felt a feeling he never felt before. He knew it was love.

He felt he couldn't destroy the camp of his love. So, he built a secret encampment for his love and the other rebels of the encampment to live in and destroyed the one in the desert. But after a year, Diablo found the encampment and gave the fire warrior a choice. He could either destroy the encampment and keep his abilities or let the rebels live and he would burn in the pits of hell forever. The fire warrior finally saw the error of his ways by giving his soul to Diablo. He said,"I will never destroy the encampment or my love." and they went into battle.

The fight lasted for 36 hours until, finally, the fire warrior fell. Diablo did the same thing he did to give the fire warrior his abilities. But before the ritual was over, the fire warrior sprung a trap and sent diablo flying allowing him to make an escape. The incomplete ritual took away his immortality but let him keep hisfire abilities and his soul.

The fire warrior vowed to destroy diablo and his army of monsters. He has traveled looking for Diablo and gave great abilities to those who deserve them.

The fire sign

There are many parts of the fire sign:

circle: the pure soul of the fighter small diamond: the rage in the heart medium diamond: his skills in combat large diamond: the love in his heart

Character design[edit | edit source]

The fire warrior is a strong martial artist/caster. He has a warm heart and honors his enemies by painting the fire sign on the enemies chest. it causes him to gain the memories and strength of the creature.

Attributes and skills[edit | edit source]


Starting abilities:

Strength:x Dextirity:x Vitalaty:x Willpower:x Life:x Mana:x

Attributes increase per level

Strength:x Dextirity:x Media:Vitalaty:x Willpower:x


The fire warrior skills are divided into 3 skill trees:

Martial arts Fire offense fire defense

All three abilities are active abilities or his caster abilities. His active abilities allow him to use his white lotus martial arts abilities. His caster abilities allow him to unleash his use of fire.