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Item hunting is the biggest joy in playing the Diablo games for many players. The item system in Diablo III is bigger and better, but it's a refinement on the system used in Diablo II, not a radical change.

Items come in three large categories: Armor, Weapon, and Other


Armor refers to any non-held equipment. Most of them provide Mainstat, Vitality and other defensive bonuses.

There are 11 total armor slots:

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Waist
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Rings (2 slots)
  • Amulets


Weapons include anything held in the hand, even if they player doesn't hit monsters with it.

One-Handed Two-Handed
Axes Axes
Maces Maces
Swords Swords
Spears Polearms
Daggers Staves
Shields Bows

Class Restrictions[edit]

All classes can use all types of armor, although most classes have a special type for one of the slots. Weapons are restricted by class and each class has at least one special weapon type.

Restrictions Special Items
Barbarian Staves, Bows and Crossbows Might Belts(Belts) and Weapons (1&2H)
Crusader Crusader Shields(OH) and Flails (1&2H)
Monk Spirit Stones(Head), Fists(1H) and Daibos(2H)
Demon Hunter All 2H but Bows and Crossbows Cloaks(Torso), Hand Crossbows(1H) and Quivers(OH)
Wizards Polearms and 2H Maces Wizard Hats(Head), Wands(1H) and Sources(OH)
Witch Doctors Voodoo Mask(Head), Ceremonial Knives(1H) and Mojos(OH)

Follower Gear[edit]

Each of the followers can equip a weapon, 2 rings, an amulet and a special item particular to each follow

  • The Templar can equip one-handed swords, axes, spears and daggers, along with a shield and a Templar Relic
  • The Scoundrel can equip either bow or crossbow and a Scoundrel Token
  • The Enchantress can equip staves, swords, axes, and maces along with a Enchantress Focus

Item Quality and Color[edit]

Every item has a quality level associated with it and each quality level has a color associated with it

  • Junk - grey
  • Normal - white
  • Magic - blue
  • Rare - yellow
  • Legendary - orange
  • Set - green

Ironically, the most common quality level of item drops is Rare.

Set items have their own color but are considered legendary in terms of drop rate.


Weapons, Jewelry as well as Head, Torso, and Leg Armor can have sockets for Gems. These Gems provide additional effects, depending on where they are socketed.

There are five types of Gems in a range of qualities: Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst and Diamond.

In Addition, Patch 2.1 introduced Legendary Gems that mostly socket into Jewelry and provide various effects.

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