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Dodge is a character ability that allows players to completely avoid taking damage from some types of attacks, primarily ones dealing physical damage. Dodge chance is increased by adding points to Dexterity and is thus possessed in the largest quantities by Demon Hunters and Monks. Besides Dexterity, Dodge can be boosted by some skills and item modifiers.

While Dodge is a useful benefit, it is widely considered the least useful of the secondary bonuses from any stat, coming in well behind the utility of Defense from Strength, and/or All Resistance from Intelligence.

Dodging Skills[edit | edit source]

A few character skills improve the Dodge chance, though these are not much-valued for that boost.

Barbarian skills:

  • Wrath of the Berserker -- Boosts many properties for the duration, including adding a 20% bonus to Dodge chance.

Monk Skills: