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The fully CGI cinematic debuted in December 2011.[1] It shows the opening cinematic from Diablo III, as it will be seen by players just starting up the game. It serves as an introduction to the world of Sanctuary, references the endless battle between the Angels and Demons, and sets up the initial story of Diablo III through the eyes of Leah, when her uncle Deckard Cain is lost when the falling star strikes the Tristram Cathedral.

Cinematic Content Summary[edit | edit source]

Angels fly to battle with the demonic hordes.

The cinematic begins with the voice of Deckard Cain reading a prophecy of the end of days.

And at the end of days,
The first sign shall appear in the heavens,
Justice shall fall on the world of men,
The armies of light and shadow will clash across the fields of eternity

The visuals show pen and ink drawings, clearly meant to represent the illustrations in Cain's Journal, and as Cain speaks, the art animates into motion, depicting an epic battle between hundreds of flying Angels and thousand of mighty Demons awaiting them below. Numerous key ArchAngels are shown, as well as some of the major demons, including Diablo.

The sequence ends with a sudden cut to Leah, awaking on a pew in the ruined Tristram Cathedral. She rises and carries a blanket to Deckard Cain. While she listens skeptically, he speaks of the signs of prophecy, and the imminence of the demonic armies. Suddenly, the church begins to shakes and as Cain and Leah rise and begin to flee, the falling star smashes down through the ceiling of the Cathedral, knocking Leah sliding. She struggles to her feet and eyes the vast burning hole in the floor where the meteor crashed through, while calling desperately for her vanished uncle.

The full video can be seen below:

Cinematic Stills[edit | edit source]

A selection of images taken from this cinematic. Many more can be seen in the Intro Cinematic gallery.